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Dr FremontDr. Lawrence Fremont graduated from the University of Toronto in science and medicine. From 1966 until 1985 he was on staff at two Toronto hospitals providing emergency medicine while carrying on a busy general practise.

Drawing from his varied medical and surgical trauma experience he developed his own techniques and artistic approach to hair restoration. Through the attending of meetings in New York, Los Angeles and Hot Springs, Arkansas, prior to the establishment of the ISHRS in 1993, his knowledge was further enhanced through the exchange of ideas with other medical professionals interested in hair loss and its restoration.

Dr. Fremont was one of the first members to join ISHRS having already starting his teaching program of training other Canadian and International physicians his own techniques in hair restoration. He was frequently requested to lecture at various professional colleges and at hospital rounds to plastic surgery residents.

After receiving a medical license in Israel in 1987 Dr. Fremont opened the first Hair Transplant Clinic in Israel and then began satellite clinics in Hungary, Austria, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, United States, and Costa Rica.

Today some of his students are pillars within the ISHRS and are themselves wearing the restored hair he gave them. At the request of Dr. Otar Norwood, founder of ISHRS, Dr. Fremont submitted an article for the first Forum paper on his own personal approach to the training of Physicians in hair transplantation. Dr. Fremont was an investigator for Merck Pharmaceuticals on the drug Finasteride and he is an active member in the Canadian Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

At the 16th Annual ISHRS meeting held in Sept. 2008 in Montreal, the outgoing ISHRS president Dr. Bessam Farjo acknowledged the opportunity and training that both he and his wife received at Dr. Fremont’s Toronto clinic and for urging them, as doctors in hair transplantation, to join the ISHRS society. Dr. Fremont has retired his medical licence in Israel but continues, mostly through referrals, to practice the skill and artistry of hair restoration in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada. He continues to receive requests from doctors to teach them the finer details of hair transplantation including new methods on the honing of their own skills.

Patients Experience

What Our Clients Say About Us

To the Hair Loss Recovery’s staff members:

I hope all is well with you. I am writing to express my appreciation of your work and to congratulate you on finding such a wonderful location for your practice. I visited your clinic many years ago when you were in Scarborough, but most recently I attended your Yonge Street location for a transplant procedure on July 22, 2021. I had a wonderful experience with you and your staff.

In addition to being easy to find and centrally located, I was thrilled to learn that the top floors of the building offer hotel accommodations. The Liberty Suites Hotel was exactly what I needed following the procedure and gave me the opportunity to recover in comfort, without having to worry about transportation after the procedure or seeing people during the most sensitive time of my recovery. In fact, I decided to stay an extra two nights and made a mini stay-cation out of the event.

Going through any surgical procedure can be stressful but the stress was minimized knowing that I had comfortable and clean spacious accommodations with wonderful privacy only an elevator trip away. Whether or not patients live near your location, in my opinion, there is no better way to recover following a procedure than a private hotel room within close proximity to the clinic, should there be any need for follow up visits. I had wonderful peace of mind and truly enjoyed my stay at the Liberty Suites which provided first class accommodations and service.

Thanks again for your work and I wish you much success at your wonderful location.

All the best

D. D.

“It is with pleasure that I give this testimonial for Dr. Fremont and his staff. Some years ago I sought out Dr. Fremont after hearing about his clinics in Israel, Hungary and particularly Vienna, Austria where I was performing at the time.
After speaking with Dr. Fremont and some of his past patients I decided to attend his Toronto clinic at the end of the operatic season. I was very pleased with how everything went and true to the doctors word I had very little down time and was able to go out and conduct business almost immediately.
The reception I received the following season from my colleagues was “What marvellous place had I vacationed at?” as I was looking much better. My first session with Dr. Fremont and his staff was very good but I did return from time to time as my balding continued. No one has ever suspected that I have had anything done, except perhaps the barber in Seville.

A.N. G.

“Hello Dr. Fremont,
I am keeping busy and still enjoying my retirement. When I look in the mirror I forget how bald I was before that eventful night when I had my hair transplanted at your clinic. John Oakley was doing his broadcast and the play by play on our radio station CFRB as the callers were put through to you to answer their questions about hair loss treatments. That was some time ago and you are the one who made hair transplantation affordable for everyone.
For many years afterward someone at the station would in some lines about my new hair as I directed traffic from the air. One time I jokingly commented to a man in a convertible; “Hey down there! Would you put your top up, the glare from your bald head is affecting my pilots flying.” We sure had some great times. Not only was it fun but I a part of your special celebrity broadcasts.”

Jesse Dylan

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