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In the winter, people spend more time bundling up to stay warm and less time paying attention to their hair care routine. The winter can bring with it flaky scalps, hair loss, and dry follicles – all of which can leave you looking frightful. The Hair Loss Recovery Program has 5 winter tips to help you care for your hair and scalp during the winter that will leave your hair shiny and moisturized.

Avoid Excess Heat

Winter already sucks the moisture out of your hair and skin, when you add extra heat you can break your ends which will lead to damage and a loss of luster. You may be tempted to flat iron, curl or even blow dry your hair, but if you can avoid these styling traps in the winter, your hair will be able to retain its natural moisture.

Giving up heated styling elements doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole winter in a beanie, opt for other styling products such as moisture-rich styling gels, oils, and sprays to highlight and hold your style. When you wash your hair, make sure you give it enough time to air dry before heading outdoors. Water in the hair can freeze in the winter weather, and that can result in breakage.

Pamper Your Hair

You should take care of your hair and scalp all year, but during the winter a little bit of extra love can go a long way. Add in extra moisturizing creams and oils during the winter months to help replace what’s zapped by the cold. A lot of people skip conditioning their hair after washing but during the winter it is extra important to make sure you complete this step. Consider adding a leave-in conditioner for an added boost.

Warm, Not Hot Showers

Taking a steaming hot shower is very tempting when the weather outside is below freezing. As good as that may feel, it’s actually harmful to your hair, scalp, and skin. Scalding showers pull the water from your body, hair, and skin and leave you dried out like a leaf once you dry off. If you just can’t go without a steaming shower, try to make it as short as possible, or opt for warm showers that don’t create excess amounts of steam.

Get a Trim

Even hair that is well maintained can suffer from periodic breakage, more so in the winter months. When you leave spit ends on your hair, you prevent growth and risk the breakage traveling up your entire strand. Make a point to cut your split ends on a regular basis, and pay special attention to your ends in the winter to keep your hair healthy all season long.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Most of your hair, skin and scalp health starts from within. Make sure you eat a balanced diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables as well as ample amounts of water. Eating vitamin-rich foods like olives, avocados, and salmon will give your hair the winter boost it needs to stay healthy all season.

We hope you have enjoyed these tips on winter hair care from The Hair Loss Recovery Program. If you still feel that your hair is dry, brittle and thin, feel free to reach out to our hair care consultants at (416) 439-4247 to see what regimen may work better for your situation.