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The winter is upon us and with it comes dry weather, fuzzy hats and bad hair days. A large portion of the population will suffer from dry, brittle and weather damaged hair once the cold weather truly settles in. While cold snowflakes may usher in the holiday season, it also brings flaky scalps and hair loss for many. Thankfully The Hair Loss Recovery has a few suggestions to help you keep your luscious locks healthy regardless of the weather outside.

Avoid Heated Hair Tools

Most people know that heat based tools can be damaging to the hair, however, in the winter they are especially harmful. Winter weather saps the hair and follicles of moisture and introducing heated tools to already dry hair can cause breakage and hair loss. That means you should ditch your curling irons, straightness, blow-dryers and any other element that introduces heat to your hair. Instead, try using styling gels and creams to get the hairstyle you love, many of which have a double benefit of adding moisture!

Stay Hydrated

Using moisture-rich products on your hair, skin, and scalp is a great way to keep your hair vibrant in the winter. While external moisture is important, you will also need to moisturize from the inside. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated regardless of how hot or cold it is outside. Many people tend to reduce their fluid intake in the winter, which results in hair loss, dry skin, and brittle hair. In addition to fluids, it is important to also eat nutritious foods that contain essential vitamins and minerals to boost hair growth. Grains, leafy greens, nuts, and even a multi-vitamin can help.

Maintain Your Trim

Trimming your hair is one of the best ways to get rid of damage and encourage healthy growth. In the winter, you should maintain your trimming schedule to help reduce further breakage caused by brittle strands. Hair is more prone to brittleness and breakage during the winter months. Keeping damaged ends in check will help to maintain a healthy head of glossy hair all season long.

Don’t Freeze Your Hairdo!

One thing you should never allow is for your hair to become frozen. During the winter, one of the biggest hair killers is frozen strands. Even a small amount of ice building up in your hair can cause a large amount of damage. That means you should make sure your hair is completely dry after your shower before heading out the door. Sweat can also freeze in your hair so make sure to dry properly before leaving the gym. Air drying is best, but if you are pressed for time a cold set hairdryer is also an efficient option.

Use Moisture Rich Hair Care

There are a lot of hair products on the market, from shampoos and conditioners to setting sprays and creams. Many people use the same products year-round, but some are better suited to each season. In the winter it is critical to use hair products with added moisture and those that nourish dry follicles. This will help battle breakage while leaving you with summer-worthy hair even in the middle of a snowstorm.

How The Hair Loss Recovery Can Help

Taking care of your hair in the winter will benefit your scalp all year long. If you are facing hair loss and need our help, give us a call (416) 439-4247 to learn more about our Thornhill hair loss recovery services.

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