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One of the main reasons why people get hair transplants is so that they can experiment with different hairstyles that they couldn’t have styled before, but should you stay away from certain hairstyles after a hair transplant? Here at The Hair Loss Recovery Program, we want to talk all about hair transplants and whether or not you can style your hair in certain ways after this procedure. 

How Long Do I Have to Wait Until I Can Style My Hair?

Since hair transplant treatments are considered a surgical procedure, there is a recovery time that must be followed in order to keep and maintain the best hair results possible. This means holding off anything drastic in terms of style until all of the areas on your scalp have completely healed from the surgery. When you become impatient and visit the salon too early, it can result in the hair follicles not being able to embed themselves into your head properly. This can, consequently, lead to the follicles falling out preventing any hair growth from your transplant. 

Post-Transplant Care

For the first few weeks after getting your transplant done, your doctor will leave you with specific instructions on how to properly take care of your healing scalp, how to clean it etc. Please always be sure to follow your doctor’s advice! When people fail to follow their doctor’s advice, it can very often lead to failure of treatment (including the follicles falling out of the scalp) or in some cases, infection on the scalp which is dangerous if left untreated. The last thing you will want to be doing after getting a procedure like this done is having to redo it or taking medicine to heal up an infection, so it is crucial that you follow your doctor’s orders in order to keep the treated area clean and healthy. 

When Can I Start to Style My Hair?

In general, the stitches from this procedure should have dissolved once two or three weeks have gone by. Even so, getting in touch with your doctor and confirming this information is a good idea before beginning to style your hair again. Even though you can begin to perform certain styles, professionals around the board will advise that you refrain from dyeing, bleaching or using any sort of heat products (including straighteners and blow dryers) on your hair for at least a month after the procedure. 

Once your hair transplant is fully healed and your hair has completely grown out, there is no real concern about what type of hairstyle you wish to keep on your transplanted hair. At this point, you can go back to doing your normal hair routine with no real worries or concerns as long as you’ve waited the full time for your hair and scalp to heal/grow.

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