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When it comes down to it, our hair plays quite the drastic role in our confidence and how we go about our everyday lives. We don’t like to admit it, but in most cases this is very much true. Whether it be through how society values hair as an important factor in beauty or otherwise, we have quite a hard time doing without it, especially when we slowly begin losing it and our hair starts to thin out. When this begins to happen, however, you may be wondering if it’s a harsh reality or just your paranoia talking, as well as what you can do to fix it. Luckily, there are hair loss recovery solutions that can help.   

Here at The Hair Loss Recovery Program, we want to talk all about hair thinning and whether or not your case is just a natural part of your life or something more serious to look into. 

The Main Causes of Hair Loss 

Family History/Genetics 

Out of all the possibilities, genetics is by far the number one cause of hair loss. If you have a family history of either male or female pattern balding, you can begin to experience hair loss as you get older. This can be minimal or quite extreme depending on how strong it runs in your family.  

Natural Shedding 

When you shed smaller amounts of hair a day, this is nothing to usually worry about as everyone loses hair. This type of shedding is a part of the hair’s natural growth cycle, as on average most people lose anywhere from 50-100 hairs a day. It sounds like a lot on its own when you just look at the number, but considering 99.9% of your hair continues to grow it is an extremely small amount. 


This is often known as the hair loss cause that creeps up on a lot of people. Lifestyle can include a number of different things including environmental factors, diet and mental health/stress. Stress in specific is commonly known to affect your hair growth rate. As a consequence this results in excessive shedding, or in some cases your hair falling out in clumps. When it comes to diet, the foods you eat (or lack thereof) can affect the health of your follicles, which leads to hair loss. Environmentally, places with hard shower water can cause hair to fall out as well. Other actions such as making tight ponytails and harshly scrubbing your shampooed hair can cause hair to come out when it isn’t supposed to. It is important that you control as many of these factors as you can, and this involves treating your care with fragility and care. 


Certain medical conditions can have quite the effect on your hair and cause significant hair loss, some more than others. Certain conditions that cause your hair to fall out include autoimmune diseases, psoriasis and thyroid disorders. There are a lot of other symptoms that would end up alerting you to these health concerns, but if you don’t think your hair loss contributes to any of the issues listed above, it might be worth getting it checked out in case there is an underlying health issue you’re not aware of.  

So, Is It Paranoia? Or Actual Hair Thinning? 

When in doubt, there are a lot of online forums and articles on the internet that can help you figure out whether or not your hair loss is of genuine concern. When you are able to converse with other people who have had similar experiences, it makes it easier to determine whether or not it’s just your anxiety talking. When all else fails and you still feel as though you need a proper diagnosis, we always recommend talking to a hair loss professional in your area, as they are able to properly address your hair issues and find a way to solve them. 

Work With Our Clinic Today 

Struggling with hair loss is not an easy thing, whether it is minimal or severe. Luckily, there are solutions that you can look into to bring back all of the volume and length of your previous hair. Here at The Hair Loss Recovery Program, we offer a variety of different hair loss treatments for those who need it most, and with the help of our highly professional team, you can be certain you’re getting the best care possible. To learn more about our hair loss treatments in Toronto and how to work with our clinic, be sure to call us at (647) 919-4247 today! 

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