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In the world of beauty and aesthetics, most treatments are not associated with men. What is commonly associated with men, however, are hair transplants. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, as by the time men reach the age 35, two thirds of them will experience some sort of hair loss whether minor or severe. It’s safe to say that in the world of men and aesthetics, the demand for hair loss treatments is certainly there. 

But are women able to receive the same treatments? And if they can, do they have the same effect? To learn about hair transplants and whether or not they are effective for women, we here at The Hair Loss Recovery Program have come up with some information in our blog post below. 

The Differences Between Hair Loss: Men vs. Women 

While men often experience hair loss in conditions such as balding, women commonly experience hair loss in regards to what is known as “hair thinning”. When your hair starts to thin out, it is usually a regrowth issue, and can be sorted with procedures directed towards re-growing the hair rather than replacing complete patches of the hair with donor areas.. Transplants, on the other hand, are more serious procedures for large-scale hair loss (receding hairlines, balding, etc.). 

Does It Work? 

The main question at hand is; are hair transplants truly effective on women and their type of hair loss? And as much as our team would like to give our readers a simple, to-the-point answer, it’s a little more complex than that. 

Like many other treatments out there, the effectiveness of hair transplants will entirely depend on the type of person, the hair loss situation, and the rate of hair growth. We do believe it’s important to mention, however, that women find a lot of success in a specific hair transplant method known as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction treatment). 

When you’re unsure about whether or not this treatment is right for you, it is always best to talk to a professional (like ours here at The Hair Loss Recovery Program) about your specific hair loss situation. When a professional is able to do a full analysis on your hair loss in person, it can be much easier to determine whether or not a hair transplant is the perfect method for you. In some cases, a specialist may recommend another type of hair treatment (such as PRP, topical creams, etc.). 

How Our Clinic Can Help 

When you want advice and guidance from some of the most experienced professionals in the Canadian hair loss sphere, be sure to get in touch with our specialists at The Hair Loss Recovery Program. With years of experience, education, training and more, our team goes above and beyond to try & provide you with effective hair loss treatments, regardless of your gender/hair loss situation. To find out more about getting a hair transplant in Toronto and whether or not this procedure is right for you, be sure to call our front desk to book an appointment/consultation at (647) 919-4247 today. 

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