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A patient once asked The Hair Loss Recovery Program: How can I take time from my busy schedule to have a Hair Transplant? This raised the question how long a hair follicle remains alive if properly preserved. This question was answer by an experiment that took place in China. When hair follicles are stored in Saline Solution at 0 degree celsius they remain viable up to 7 days but their capacity to regrowth to a 100% was short lived by 48 hours. So, the busy doctor who could not afford time from his busy schedule opted to have his follicles removed after his clinic hours one evening, stored overnight as the experiment suggested and returned the next evening to have 3,500 of his storage follicles planted. Recently this doctor came for his follow up on the hair growth after 6 month. He was elated by the fullness of his new growing hair.

What a major different from his before photographs! His barber who have seen other clients with hair transplant posted his photos in his barber shop with this comment “You do not have to wait a day to have a hair transplant”. This proof that necessity is the mother of invention. Thank you all the personnel at The Hair Loss Recovery Program.

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