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If you are suffering from thinning hair or if you think you have started balding, the effects can be emotionally damaging. There are several causes, some of which are permanent while others are temporary. Understanding the cause of losing hair is the first step towards addressing the problem and hair loss treatment. We have put together a simple guide to some of the most common conditions that cause hair loss and how they can be treated. 

Hair Loss & the Sexes

While men are most often the object of hair loss, women are also prone to thinning or even balding. Hair loss and hair thinning in either sex can be triggered for any number of reasons. Two-thirds of men will experience male pattern baldness in their lifetime while 30% of women will suffer from female pattern baldness, with the problem starting at the roots. 

Common Types of Hair Loss

Hair loss is caused by several different conditions. We will go over these in more detail below.

Male pattern baldness- Among men this is the most common form of hair loss, and it is also permanent. Most men inherit pattern balding from their parents, and it tends to start as a person ages. Male pattern balding can start as early as a person’s twenties or as late as their forties. 

Female pattern baldness –  Among women this is the most often seen form of hair loss. It results in an overall thinning of the hair, but it rarely causes a receding hairline. It is even rarer for female pattern baldness to result in a total loss of hair. Most women will experience thinning over the entirety of their scalp that is uniform. In some cases, hair loss may present in a ring shape over the crown of the head, but this is seldom seen. 

Androgenic alopecia – This affects both men and women. In most cases, it is diagnosed as male or female pattern baldness. However, many doctors think this is a separate condition as opposed to the same disease that happens to affect both sexes. The medical field still does not have a clear understanding of the condition. 

Telogen effluvium- This is a temporary form of hair loss most often affecting women. Usually, it follows a significant event such as childbirth, extreme dietary changes, or surgery. The hair loss will occur a few months following the actual event and will self resolve within six to eight months. 

Alopecia areata- This form of hair loss is due to an autoimmune disorder and an estimated 2% of the world’s population are affected. Patches of the scalp will start to shed hair leaving behind total baldness in those areas. In some people, even the hair of the eyelashes and eyebrows are affected. There is no known cause or cure for this condition. 

Hair Loss Causes & Treatments

The conditions above are some of the most common causes of hair loss, but other things may trigger it as well. Fungal infections, certain medical treatments, thyroid problems, and other medical issues are just a few. There are many options available to treat hair loss, so if you are interested in restoring your confidence, The Hair Loss Recovery Program can help. Give us a call at (647) 919-4247 to find out more.

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