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Hair loss is something that affects millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, this ailment can have a serious impact on your confidence levels and overall self esteem, especially when society considers voluminous hair as an important aspect of beauty. The good news is that in recent years, technology has developed and we have managed to come up with both temporary and long term solutions for hair loss. The majority of these treatments are highly effective, 100% safe and provide authentic results.  

One of the treatments among the many that are open to the public is hair restoration with PRP (also known as platelet rich plasma therapy). This treatment has been backed by studies for its effectiveness for many all over the globe.  

How Exactly Does it Work? 

PRP is a solution that is derived from the blood, full of different regenerative bodies and proteins. When you inject this blood back into the tissue where hair fallout is prevalent, PRP works to restore the hair that was once there.  

This process is done by drawing blood from a patient’s body and filtering it through what’s known as a centrifuge to ensure that only the most important proteins are put back into the damaged tissue. This solution will then provide blood supply to the damaged hair follicles, giving it the chance to restore itself and grow back. 

How Many Sessions Will Be Needed Until I See Results? 

This is the main question our team would like to answer, as it is important in making your final decision on whether you choose this treatment or not. Unfortunately, we can not give an exact answer due to the variety in hair types, hair damage, etc. What we mean is that every patient is different — for every person who enters our clinic, they will most likely need different amounts of PRP. Coming down with an exact answer is nearly impossible due to this fact alone.  

We can, however, narrow down a minimum amount of sessions. In general, you will need at least three sessions before you want to see optimal results. Each session is scheduled about a month apart, and additional sessions will all depend on how much hair loss you have/what hair type you have.  

Get Beautiful PRP Results With Hair Loss Recovery Program 

If you are looking for quality PRP results, our team of hair experts can help. With our wide range of different hair loss treatments and the help of our staff, we can determine which procedure is best for you and your needs. Don’t wait any longer and contact us at (647) 919-4247 for more information about our hair restoration with PRP in Toronto. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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