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Due to today’s modern technology, hair transplants have become safer and more effective than ever before. Even better than that, the results you receive from hair transplants today are so natural looking most people won’t even know you got anything done! Because of all of these amazing pros, you will want to make sure that you are recovering from the treatment in the best way possible, as to not meddle with the effectiveness of the treatment. We here at The Hair Loss Recovery Program would like to give you some advice on how to do so.  

Position is Key 

For at least a week after surgery, you will want to sleep with your head and back slightly elevated. The most common time for swelling is three to four nights after the procedure — sleeping in an elevated position will minimize any swelling and help speed up recovery overall. 

If you like to lie on your back, simply rest your head on a soft pillow and avoid turning back and forth. When you create too much movement, you are at risk of dislodging some of your grafts, so be careful. 

Keep Everything Clean 

A few days after your surgery has been completed, you will want to make sure you are keeping your sleeping area as clean as humanly possible. This should be done so you can avoid any risk of possible infection, worsening the state of your hair follicles and meddling with recovery times. To keep everything tidy, make sure that all of your sheets, pillowcases, etc are washed thoroughly. We recommend you use a detergent that does not contain any allergens, as you do not want to irritate your scalp any further. 

Cover Your Pillow With a Soft Towel 

Leakage from the scalp is quite common after a hair transplant procedure, so putting a soft towel over your pillow helps keep your pillows & pillowcases from getting stained. 

Get a Hair Transplant Done With the Experts 

When you get a hair procedure such as a hair transplant done, it takes a lot of time and effort to get transformative results that you can be proud of. This is why you will need highly skilled experts to work on your hair and find which solution is best for you and your scalp. Luckily, we here at The Hair Loss Recovery Program can help. To get a hair transplant in Toronto with us, be sure to call our staff at (647) 919-4247 today! We look forward to speaking with you. 

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