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Getting a hair transplant is a great way to restore your normal hairline and restore your confidence. While some may not be shy about how they look without hair, most are understandably uncomfortable. That being said, once you decide to move forward with your procedure, the question remains about letting others in on your secret. Depending on the amount of hair you had already lost, it may be easier to tell if you had work done. For others, the hair loss process may still be in the early stages. Every patient faces the same concerns; should they keep their procedure private or tell others about their progress. The Hair Loss Recovery Program understands your concerns and has some advice to help you choose which path is best for you. 

Past Patients Never Had The Option For Privacy

Hair transplants have come a long way over the years. In the past, transplant plugs were chunky and highly noticeable. Even after the scalp had a chance to heal, it was very easy to spot evidence of a hair plug. Modern advancements in hair replacement allow patients to undergo a procedure that leaves them with such realistic results it is often hard to tell if any treatment was completed after the scalp has healed. 

Why Should Privacy Be An Option?

Many people consider hair transplants nothing but vanity while others may simply view baldness as a natural part of life. There are endless jokes about balding and while it may amuse some, most people who suffer from hair loss find it anything but a laughing matter. Men are the most common recipients of hair transplants, though women are also able to find success with the same procedure. The main difference is that for women there is no stigma attached to cosmetic procedures. Insurance coverage also plays a role in how society views hair transplants. Most do not cover the treatment and label it as purely cosmetic in nature. 

Hair Transplants and Privacy

Medical treatments, especially cosmetic procedures such as hair transplants are very personal. Some may fear how others will view them if they know about the procedure, others may simply prefer to keep their business private. Here at The Hair Loss Recovery Program, we respect the privacy of each of our clients and will even work with you during their entirety of your recovery. It can take as much as a year to see the full results of a hair transplant procedure, and once all the new hair has grown in, the results will look completely natural. 

While some patients may want to keep their treatment under wraps, others may have no qualms with spreading the word. Hair loss is no longer taboo and getting hair loss treatments is as common as going in for a dental filling. It is common for others to notice that something about you is different without quite understanding what that may be. Telling others you have undergone hair transplant therapy can boost confidence and banish social anxiety. 

Hair Transplants From The Hair Loss Recovery Program that Speak Volumes

Getting a Thornhill hair transplant is the first step towards restoring your confidence and your hairline. No matter what you decide to tell or hide regarding your treatment The Hair Loss Recovery Program respects your choice. We offer a wide range of hair loss treatments for both men and women. All of our consultations are confidential, and we are happy to discuss your hair replacement options. Give us a call at (647) 919-4247 today to find out more about how we can help.

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