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After receiving a hair transplant, most people assume that they will have a full head of hair almost instantly. The Hair Loss Recovery wishes this process could be that easy but there are actually different stages of hair growth that take place after this procedure. Our hair loss clinic in Toronto has put together this guide so that one can know what to expect after having a hair transplant.

Month 1: The Beginning Stage 

After the hair transplant procedure, one can expect some of the transplanted hair to fall out. This can happen in some cases but by 5-7 days after the transplant, the hair follicles will be safely implanted into the scalp. At this time, one might notice pimple-like lesions on the transplant area, these are called folliculitis and this is normal. From this point forward, there are a few different growth stages the hair will enter.

Month 2-3: The Resting Stage

Once in the resting stage, the follicles settle in and you can’t see much happening but having the hair safely settle is an important part before growth can happen. The resting phase usually lasts anywhere from 8-10 weeks and the hair shafts will begin to fall out. 

The treatment area will look uneven to start and occasionally patients may experience hair thinning or hair loss as the scalp undertakes the trauma it was put through. This hair loss is known as “shock loss”, and it is a natural occurrence. In some cases, minoxidil (Rogaine) or finasteride (Propecia) is prescribed to help with this scalp stress.

Month 4-6: The Beginning of the Growth Stage

Patients who experience complete baldness will notice some budding and patients who have some hair will notice some shorter hairs coming through. At this point, you will be able to see the new hairline shape and the hair will continue to grow although it will not reach its full potential for length and thickness yet.

Month 7-12: The Growth Stage

At this point, one can expect hair texture to change as the hair becomes thicker and it will start to take on a natural shape, just a wave. This is an exciting stage as the hair will look 100% natural and will blend fully with your entire head. You can now begin to style or trim it to your liking.

Month 13-18: The Final Stage

Now at this point, one has reached the final stage of their hair growth which means that the hair has fully developed. This will be when the hair is at its full potential for thickness and it can be quite long at this point. The hair that one has dreamed of having, will now be here.

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