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Hair loss can start no matter how old you are. Hair loss is also caused by several different factors such as poor nutrition, general aging, stress, illness, and genetics. No matter what the reasons are for your hair loss, the end result can have a negative effect on your confidence levels. Thankfully, there are several options The Hair Loss Recovery Program suggests to help reduce and replace your lost hair. Some are as easy as implementing a hair loss prevention plan, while others such as a hair transplant are more invasive.

Hair Loss Prevention

Most people lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair daily. However, for those who have genetic hair loss that runs in their family that number can be much more substantial. If you have noticed that your hair has begun to thin out or if you have a family history of hair loss there are some things you can do to delay the process.

Filling your diet with vegetables and fruit will help keep your hair healthy. Taking a supplement that includes vitamin E will also promote hair growth. Alcohol triggers hair loss so reducing the amount you consume can help reduce your hair loss. Avoid harsh hair treatments like dyes, perms, and bleaching. You should also make a point of massaging your scalp daily to encourage circulation and promote growth. Stress represents a dominant role in hair loss; always take the time to relax to keep your stress levels in check.

Hair Transplant for your Hairline

Hair transplant surgery for your hairline is an invasive treatment that should be employed only if you already have severe hair loss. You will need to set up an appointment with us here at The Hair Loss Recovery Program for evaluation. During the evaluation, you can express your concerns and talk about desired results.

Most people do note good results with hair transplants, but it is critically important that you speak with your hair specialist to get a realistic idea about your results. Surgery will make your hairline lower which will look much more natural. This will also result in a smaller forehead. Recovery and stitches removal is generally complete within a week.

Beard to Hair

For those who do not want a fully invasive procedure, or are worried about going under the knife, there are other treatment options. Transplanting hair from your beard onto your scalp will offer similar drastic changes without the risks of surgery. This treatment takes donor hair from your beard and places it directly on your scalp giving you a head of thicker, fuller hair.

How The Hair Loss Recovery Program Can Help

When hair loss runs in your family, the best way to get ahead of the problem is with a good prevention plan. If you are already facing noticeable hair loss or a receding hairline, surgery may be the best choice for you. Beard to head transplants makes a great middle-ground for those looking to improve their appearance without invasive surgery. Whatever you choose, The Hair Loss Recovery Program is here to offer the best Thornihill hair loss solutions. Give us a call at  (416) 439-4247 to find out more about how we can help you look and feel your best.

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