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Pregnancy and motherhood bring a lot of positive changes – your skin glows, you eat well, and your hair tends to get thick and shiny. It then may come as an alarming shock when your hair starts falling out in large clumps just a few weeks or months after giving birth. Though not often discussed, postpartum hair loss is a normal part of the pregnancy and motherhood process.

Hair growth is common during pregnancy, though a small number of women can start losing their hair at this time instead. The Hair Loss Recovery Program is here to give you the 411 on everything you need to know about pregnancy and hair loss.

Will My Hair Fall Out When I Get Pregnant?

Thanks to the boost in your estrogen levels, most women will see hair thickening and hair growth. In some cases, even with this boost, stress can cause a pregnant woman to lose hair even when she is at her healthiest. When your body is stressed, it shuts down functions that are not essential, and hair growth is one of those. Thankfully, because this type of hair loss is stress related, it tends to be short-term and your hair will return to its healthy state as you reduce your stress.

Thyroid issues can be another reason a pregnant woman starts to lose her hair. Hypothyroidism during pregnancy is often paired with extreme weight gain, constipation, fatigue, and muscle cramps. Your doctor can test your thyroid and suggest a proper treatment plan for your specific situation.

After Birth Hair Loss

More common, but less worrisome is hair loss that occurs a few weeks to a couple months after your bundle of joy arrives home. While you were pregnant, your body produced an extra amount of hormones to help nourish your child, which also happens to make your hair and nails grow and your skin shine. Now that your bubbly bundle has been born, your body has stopped producing these extra hormones, and in fact, has actively started flushing the excess from your systems which is what caused your hair to lose that extra volume and shed any extra hair as well. Being that this is a normal occurrence with childbirth, you can expect to see your hair falling out in increasing quantities around your 3rd to 4th month of being postpartum.

Hair Growth

The good news is that this extreme hair shedding is only temporary. Your hair has a lifecycle of about one year, and that’s how long it will take your old hair, the pregnancy follicles, to finish shedding and new ones to start their growth cycle. A lot of new mothers face an increased amount of stress that can cause this natural cycle to last a bit longer, but once you get back on schedule, reduce your stress, and start eating properly your hair will bounce back to its pre-pregnancy health.

How We Can Help

Always remember that you are beautiful no matter how much or how little hair you may have. Pregnancy-related hair loss is only temporary. However, if you think that your hair loss is a result of something else, feel free to reach out to our compassionate and discrete professionals at The Hair Loss Recovery Program at (416) 439-4247 to see what treatment options are available for you.