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Drinking can wreak havoc on your general health, but did you know it can also cause hair loss? Those who drink alcohol on a regular basis may notice that their hair has become thin or even started to recede. Binge drinkers can even go bald due to the excessive amounts of alcohol they consume. The Hair Loss Recovery Program has put together a short informational guide on alcohol and hair loss to help minimize baldness that is alcohol-related.

How Does Alcohol Hurt Your Hair?

Sleep Deprivation & Stress

A lot of people turn to alcohol to help them sleep, and while it may cause you to pass out, that type of sleep doesn’t help your body regenerate. This is one of the main reasons people tend to feel fatigued the day after a drinking session. When your body doesn’t get the right amount and type of rest it needs, it can cause stress due to chronic exhaustion. Stress is one of the number one causes of hair loss in both men and women worldwide.

Stress-related hair loss, telogen effluvium, is one of the most common causes of balding. When your body is under stress, it will cease non-vital functions in an effort to allocate resources to the most important areas such as your heart, lungs, and brain. Consuming alcohol on a regular basis will have a negative effect on your sleep patterns, which will make your body flip to anti-stress mode. This cycle most often results in losing your hair.


Alcohol has a lot of calories, but they are all empty calories that don’t provide your body with any form of nutrition. Making poor diet choices and replacing your healthy calories with alcohol-based calories will lead to hair loss among other health issues. Your body needs a myriad of vitamins and minerals on a daily basis, and if you are constantly missing out on these, you can end up with hair that is thin, brittle and falling out.


Alcohol is also diuretic, which means it causes your kidneys to reabsorb water that’s in your body. This prevents your body from properly using the water you drink and can lead to dehydration. Your hair can only be healthy if it has the right amount of moisture to keep it shiny and hydrated. Dry hair also breaks more quickly and that can lead to thinning locks.

How Can I Prevent Hair Loss From Alcohol?

In most cases, hair loss that is due to alcohol consumption is reversible. To start, you will need to reduce your intake dramatically or quit drinking altogether. However, don’t expect your hair to regain its health the day after you quit. It took time for your body to lose it, and it will take time for your hair to regain its health.

You can start by eating a healthy diet full of nutrients that will help boost your hair strength. You can also use topical hair loss treatments to speed growth and repair damaged follicles. It takes about a year following your choice to stop drinking for your hair to return to its natural luster and length.

How We Can Help

If you think that you might be suffering from alcohol-related hair loss, give The Hair Loss Recovery Program a call. We are here to offer you support, advice, and treatment plans that will bring your hair back to its former glory. You can reach us at (416) 439-4247 to make an appointment, or email us for more information anytime.

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