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Hair loss for men is quite common and if one wishes to restore their lost hair, seeing a professional who has the skill, ability, and talent is important for a natural and dense looking result. Men often lose hair in two areas, these areas include the crown and the receding hairline. In this article, our team at The Hair Loss Recovery will be referring specifically to the hair loss that happens in the crown and why a professional highly skilled surgeon from hair loss recovery in Thornhill company is needed to perform the job if one wants to see and feel excellent results. 

Creating the Swirl in the Crown

If you look at the top of a male’s head, the hair grows in a circular pattern often called a swirl or whorl. This means that recreating it to look natural needs to be done professionally. If a surgeon was just to perform an everyday hair transplant, the hair will not follow suit in the same pattern. This means having a highly trained surgeon perform the crown hair transplant is critical to looking natural so that they can strategically create incisions at angles that mimic the natural flow of the hair. If one is looking for the best results that make a hair transplant unrecognizable, seeing a trained professional is the route to take. 

The Timeline of the Crown Transplant

More often, the hair placed on the crown takes longer to grow. On average, usually 12 months to 18 months to fully grown back. After a client goes home, they can expect to be well-healed 1-2 weeks after their appointment date. 4-6 weeks after the appointment, the hair that was transplanted will shed and after 3-4 months tiny hairs will begin to grow all at different rates. After 6 months, the hairs will darken and begin to look more like one’s normal hair. Each growing process for each client is different but these guidelines give good estimates.

Does a Crown Transplant Grow Slower?

It’s important to note that all hair grows at different rates and two people’s experiences may not be identical. As research has been conducted, it has been concluded that there is no real evidence that says hair transplanted in the crown will take longer to grow. As the hair grows in a swirl pattern, the way the hair thins out and grows may not appear as dense at first but it will eventually get there.

How We Can Help

At The Hair Loss Recovery, our team is invested in giving you results that you can be proud of. Our team is built on the principles of high quality and high success rates. If you are interested in having a crown hair transplant performed and receiving excellent results, the professionals on our team are ready to answer your questions and book you in. To speak with our specialist about surgical hair loss recovery in Toronto, give our team a call today at (647) 919-4247.

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