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Talking about hair transplants openly used to be rare, but these days the stigma of getting plugs is a thing of the past. Getting hair transplant surgery has become a trend according to ISHRS with a noted increase of procedures that tops 65%. In fact, the hair restoration industry generates about four billion dollars in revenue a year.

You may be wondering what has changed recently to make hair transplants more popular. There are several reasons as opposed to just one. The advances in medicine, technology, and overall acceptance have encouraged many people to invest in permanent hair replacement options. The Hair Loss Recovery Program explains in more detail why hair transplants may be the new “it” procedure of the decade.

Advanced Technology

These days hair transplant surgeries, such as follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit excision are ahead of their time. These procedures when performed by expert surgeons offer highly realistic results with almost no downtime.

In both procedures, healthy follicles are taken from the donor area and placed into minuscule incisions in the treatment area. After a few months, the treatment area will start to grow hair naturally. This hair is taken from an area of the head that doesn’t experience balding so the results are permanent. Any scarring that occurs as a result of the procedure is hidden by new hair growth.

Natural Results

In the past, hair transplants left obvious plug-like dots across the scalp that would never quite fill out. With highly trained surgeons and advanced technology, hair transplants are proving harder to discern from a natural head of hair. The results you get largely depend on the skill of the team working on your case. In most cases, it is hard to know who was born with luscious locks and who wasn’t.

Celebrity Endorsement

Social media, celebrities, and other well-known names have proudly admitted to going under the knife for hair enhancement surgery. With so many successful men endorsing the procedure, regular men have gained the courage to follow their example.

Long-Lasting Results

There are many alternatives to surgery such as supplements, medications, and shampoos that are effective in the fight against hair loss. Unfortunately, the moment you stop using them, your hair will start to revert to its natural state – and fall out. Hair transplant surgery, on the other hand, is a lasting solution to male pattern baldness.

Fewer Side Effects

Most hair loss medications and shampoos are very effective, but can come with side effects. Most side effects are mild and reversible if you stop using the product, but that will also revert your hairline back to its previous state. Hair restoration surgery doesn’t have any long term side effects once your scalp has healed from the procedure.

Increased Self-Esteem

Self-worth comes from inside, but how we look on the outside can sometimes affect how we view ourselves. Hair loss can sometimes make men feel as if their youth and vitality has been lost. Naturally, this can cause low self-esteem. Hair restoration surgery helps men to restore their lost hair and improve their self-image.

How We Can Help

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